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Caitriona K. 18. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

New to Tumblr !!

I want to share my love for vintage fashion with the world, this is where I will be expressing it.

Maybe my music love tooooo..
Anyone else lovin’ this vintage dress?
Buy it here
Sexy show girl ! SO stunning. Why can’t “thick” still be accepted like it was back then, today?
Happy Birthday Rosa!! Today she would have been 100 years old!
Here is an image of Rosa Parks being finger printed at a police station as a part of her arrest. She refused to move to the “coloured section” of the bus that she was on, even though the bus driver demanded her to so that a white person could have her seat. 
People like Rosa are why we can still have hope for a world with equal rights.
Date: December 1st 1955
Love this! On Etsy

a little something i shot yesterday.
rosalie (by suki deen)
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oh dear.
automatically fell in love with this, absolutely stunning.
Vintage American Flag Pillow - Betsy Ross Variant 
Nevada Denim Dress

Find both available here :)
1980’s Off-The-Shoulder Black Romper $14 !
Click here to view :)
If you’ve never been on etsy…

You need to hurry up and google it!!

Disgustingly cheap prices for the sickest clothing, hipster/grunge/hippie/pin up/ all for great deals!

Before i opened up my own “shop” I was an addict. I was broke and still able to buy some cute outfits!

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee vintage fashion

Although i’m drifting towards more of a “grunge” rather than the pin-up look I grew so fond of, I am still selling classic modern vintage looks.

Take a look by clicking here! (new window)

* What kind of vintage style do you like? 

1990’s Silky Green Bows Blouse $9
Lovee vintage blouses!
Click here to see more pictures and details of the blouseee

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Tumblr Tip

As I’m new to tumblr, tips and tricks to edit my page still excite me.

I just found out an easier way to find certain words/lettering in the HTML section to “customize your theme” when you are trying to place a new code somewhere.

* Click on the edit HTML theme.
* Press CTRL and F.
* Type in the words/lettering in the search bar and it will find it for you :)

I’m sure a lot of people know this, hopefully I helped out someone!!


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